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How to Buy Agriculture Land Maharashtra-Goa

Author Name: Dr. Sanjay M Chaturvedi, LLB, Ph.D

Category: Real Estate Ebooks

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Current Edition: January 2017

Edition No: 4th

Language: English

No. of Pages: 336

Publish Date: 2017-01-24



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History Of Land Revenue Codes, Permission To Purchase Agricultural Land Exceeding 10 Ha For Bonafide Industrial Purpose, Non Agricultural permission, Farm house projects in “G” zone are feasable, Company Can Certainly Buy Agricultural Land ,Financing Purchase of Land for Agricultural Purposes, Land Uses Permissible In Various Zones, Land Acquisition (Companies) Rules- 1963, Maharashtra Land Revenue Code- 1966, Revenue Officers- Their Powers And Duties, Revenue Surveys, Assessment And Settlement Of Land, Of Lands Within The Sites Of Villages, Towns And Cities, Boundary And Bound ary Marks, Land Records A-Record of Rights, Realisation Of Land Revenue And Other Revenue Demands, Procedure Of Revenue Officers, Appeals, Revision And Review , Revenue In The City Of Bombay, Maharashtra Revenue Tribunal, Miscellaneous, Income Tax on Sale of Agricultural Land.