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Society Redevelopment Self | Outsource | Process

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Author Dr.Sanjay Chaturvedi LLB, Ph.D.
ISBN No 978-93-94145-25-2
Category Society
Available In In eBook: Yes
In Hardcopy: No
Current Edition January 2024
Edition No First
Language English
No.of Pages 129

About Book

In recent times, the concept of self-redevelopment by housing societies has gained prominence as a viable and empowering solution. This book aims to provide a holistic understanding of the crucial aspects involved in society redevelopment, along with legal insights to navigate the process seamlessly.

1. The Principle of Mutuality (SC Approval): The Supreme Court's approval of the principle of mutuality has paved the way for housing societies to take charge of their redevelopment initiatives. This landmark decision ensures that societies can act collectively for their common benefit.

2. Maha RERA: Society as Promoter-Owner: Understanding the role of housing societies as promoter-owners in the redevelopment project is essential. The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Maha RERA) has clarified the dynamics, reinforcing the societies' pivotal position.

3. Jurisdiction of RERA in Society Redevelopment: Exploring whether society redevelopment falls under the jurisdiction of RERA is crucial. Clear guidelines and legal parameters define the scope and applicability of RERA regulations to ensure transparency and accountability.

4. FSI Calculations Under DCPR 2034: Delve into the intricacies of Floor Space Index (FSI) calculations under the Development Control and Promotion Regulations (DCPR) 2034. Understanding these calculations is paramount for effective redevelopment planning.

5. Conveyance: A Mandatory Step for Redevelopment: Highlighting the significance of conveyance in the redevelopment process. Learn why obtaining conveyance is mandatory and how it secures the society's interests in the long run.

6. Common Issues and Solutions: Explore common challenges faced during society redevelopment and discover effective solutions. From legal considerations to logistical hurdles, find insights to smoothen the redevelopment journey.

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