By Saptakala

Paintings are a flowing means of expression; they are chroniclers of events and a stylistic mirror image of life. A folk and tribal painting is a simple salutation of living. Bold lines and child like figurines disguise a close association with nature and the rituals of daily existence. Even though tribal art has ritualistic undertones it transcends boundaries of the mundane and is exuberantly energetic, vivaciously young and sensuously virile mirroring all aspects of the forest which nurtures the positive essence of the Shamanic painter.

In Gujarat deft brush strokes, etching simplistic linear patterns on village walls bring alive magically myths and legends of tribal culture. The tribal folk of Gujarat are intrinsically linked to their natural surroundings and this is manifested in their paintings which are a celebration of a harmonious life with plants, animals, rivers, trees and the very essence of the air around.These paintings are an evolutionary echo of Neolithic sketches in charcoal.

From the ochre of wall murals to the ochre of canvas, the tribal artist of Gujarat has carried his art form to adorn contemporary living rooms and galleries.

Range of Techniques

  • Mural
  • Painting

Array of Folk Arts in Gujarat

  • Pithora
  • Warli or Varli
  • Panorama of Products
  • Office Accessories

Courtesy: Crafts of Gujarat