By Harsha Gangaramani
Gemini: Property gains are on the cards. Work progress is
disappointing. Seek advice from experienced elders. Your
innermost desires will be fulfilled very soon. Keep a
positive approach. Critics may stop making you their
target. Seek the Lord's blessings and guidance.

Cancer: Work overload may be stressful. It is a good time
to make property or share investments. Difficulties may
ease out. An adventurous project may take off.
Partnerships will flourish. Positive changes are entering
your life. Be grateful for all the good things that life has
offered you.

Leo: Pay heed to advice given by elders. Work related
overseas travel may be delayed. Work schedules need
immediate changes. Seek the Lord's blessings. A peaceful
atmosphere will prevail. Avoid being over-bearing, try to
remain diplomatic.

Virgo: Realise your mistakes and ask for God's
forgiveness. You prefer to concentrate on quality rather
than quantity. An expected project proposal may not
arrive. Promotion is on the cards for some. Expected

returns will be earned. You may be stressed by the
problems created by a difficult person.
Libra: Forget past mistakes and move ahead. Your
honesty and hard work will be appreciated. A trusted
person who is aware of your past may try to take
advantage of you. Avoid getting into office gossip. Stay
focussed on achieving set targets. Intuitive energies may
be at their best.

Scorpio: Work progress is satisfactory. Expected returns
may be earned. A trusted person may be betraying you.
Be alert. Seek the Lord's blessings.Your innermost desires
will be fulfilled very soon. Be confident and move ahead
with set plans. Be helpful to those in need.

Sagittarius: Difficulties faced may be stressful. An
immediate health check-up is needed. Forget distractions
and focus on your work. Good times are coming your
way. Spare time to relax with loved ones. You need to
decide on a pending issue. Pray to the Lord for guidance.
Capricorn: Keep your attention focused on your work.
Realise your responsibilities and fulfill them. Listen to
your inner voice. Pray to the Lord for his blessings. Plans

may be made for future projects. Work progress may
disappoint. Make the necessary changes. Avoid wrong

Aquarius: An effort needs to be made to improve
relations. Problems faced may be stressful. Forget past
mistakes and look at present opportunities. Learn to be
more flexible in your dealings. An urgent visit to the
doctor is required. Expected news from a loved one may
not arrive.

Pisces: You may be stressed by the problems created by
an envious person. Difficulties faced may ease out. You
will be successful in anything you undertake during this
period. A devious person may stop taking advantage of
you. Avoid being difficult, try to remain humble.
Aries: You may be the centre of attention in your circle. A
peaceful and friendly atmosphere will prevail. An
awaited project proposal may be delayed. Financial
status is very good. Stay focussed on achieving set
targets. Avoid being distracted, focus on your work.

Taurus: Realise your mistakes and try to rectify them.
Learn to be more flexible in your dealings. Fame and

success are coming your way. Work progress is
satisfactory. Ignore past painful memories and focus on
the present. Your charisma and communication skills
may impress a few.

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