Frazer and Haws presents Enchanting Wall Art in Sterling Silver


Frazer and Haws has launched a new Silver Wall Art to add an extra charm to your aesthetic living area. Alluring yet sacred ,these Wall Art pieces from Frazer and Haws are finely made in Sterling Silver & Golden colour and have fine cuts to create a sense of exclusivity to your surroundings.There is a wide variety of Wall art to select from like Wall Art Krishna,Wall Art Krishna Meera,Wall Art Govinda, Wall Art Nest,Wall Art O ‘Magician’ (Krishna).

Wall art works as a finishing element which will make your room feel complete, polished and stylish and will further add texture and depth to your home. Silver Wall Art pieces from Frazer and Haws are versatile to go with almost all home décor styles & colour combinations. They are captivating enough to instantly draw the attention of whoever walks into the room.

 So, add these mesmerizing sterling silver wall art pieces by Frazer and Haws to accentuate the look of your living space.

Price Range: Rs 80,000 to 1,20,000

About Frazer and Haws:

Silver from the terrene of purity, Frazer and Haws is a 150 year old British heritage brand that contributes to create heritage pieces which are Art in Silver. Frazer and Haws prides itself for being the first choice of the crème de la crème. Their clientele includes The Prince of Wales, The Maharaja of Nepal, other heads of state and notable families around the world. What distinguishes them from others are their limited edition original designs, all of which are hallmarked with the purity of 92.5% sterling silver. They are the only international silversmiths in the country to produce contemporary fusion designs by combining various materials like metal, wood and stone.

 The accomplished skills have bolstered Frazer and Haws to serve the needs of the baronial and the imperial guests that enlist Queen Victoria, Queen Mary, Mrs. and Mr. Winston Churchill, Edwina – Countess Mountbatten, Admiral Lord Nelson, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Queen Alexandra and Edward VII, Vita Sackville, Yash Chopra, Rani Mukherjee etc. Frazer and Haws has set a precedent in the world of meticulously crafted silverware.

To set a benchmark in the world of crafted masterpieces, the ancestral expertise of the skilled kaarigars has played a vital role. They are specially trained in London and the work is carried out at a renowned workshop in New Delhi. All Frazer and Haws products have three unique marks punched on the surface. Known as ‘hallmarks’ these guarantee the content of the silver used in the item. The Frazer and Haws hallmark is registered with the Hall of Assays in London. Hallmarking, first introduced in 1300, has acted as a safeguard to gold and silver purchasers ever since. It is one of the most important forms of consumer protection and now also covers platinum. The first mark is the ‘Sponsor’s Mark’ indicating the product’s manufacturer. The second is the ‘Standard Mark’ denoting the precious metal content of the alloy from which the item is made. The last one, ‘Date Letter’ shows the year in which the article was hallmarked.

 With a purity of 92.5% sterling silver, there is a wide agglomeration of masterpieces which epitomize the significance of the Indian tradition and the cultural values in our lives. There is a wide range of splendid timepieces, paperweights, key rings, photo frames, card holders and much more to choose from. The magnificent designs gives a royal ambience to your decor. There are various other  things like desk accessories, Trophies & Mementos, Bar Accessories, Serveware, Desk accessories and wall art in silver. Frazer and Haws is also adroit at making ‘Bespoke’ pieces. The artistry of handcrafting fine quality silver constitutes 999 silver ingots smelted in-house into 92% of pure silver sheets, 24-carat gold gilding and 8-12 microns silver plating. Talking about the quality, the purity of the silver is tested many times using the international industry standard assay testing Fischer Scope OS from Germany, before it is hallmarked. The silverware is handled so meticulously that even the packaging is done with a carefully selected paper that ensures complete safety and no scratches.

Frazer and Haws has not just given a new definition to authenticity and creativity in silver but has also refashioned an era of silver by quintessentially marrying it with royalty and divinity


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