Bamboo Craft from Gujarat

By Saptakala

Cane and Bamboo craft started from Gujarat. The Art to craft Bamboo to not just artifacts but utilising them in daily life is also some of the uniqueness of the Bamboo Art of Gujarat in India. Artist, locals of rural Gujarat are very good at it and often sell it very cheap at various Hats in Gujarat.

Cane and Bamboo Style of Gujarat The beatific rustling of a bamboo glade is nature’s calligraphy to the winds. Bamboo or baans and its tensile shape, caricature and form has bent itself well to the willful ministrations of man. Cane and bamboo have swayed their way into the tribal culture of Gujarat. These are such basic elements of daily household use that one barely notices their pervasiveness within all strata of manmade design. Gujarat is home to over 22 varieties of bamboo, spread over vast tracks of forest land in hilly areas and southern and northeastern regions of the state. Ecologically bamboo plantation is also considered as one of the fastest way to replenish deforestation. Slivers of cane and bamboo are interwoven to form flexible matted surfaces which are then used in the fabrication of other products. Thick bamboo also lends itself to selective designer furniture and fashion accessories. The essence of bamboo affects planes of human senses, wide range of musical instruments are carved out of this material while delicate shoots of bamboo are a gourmets delight. Range of Techniques Sculpting Matting Array of Cane and Bamboo Style in Gujarat Tribal Mats and accessories Panorama of Cane and Bamboo Products Votive Offerings Jewelry and trinkets Musical Instruments Decorative Bits and pieces Home Decor Kitchen Specials Toys Wall Art

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